Hi Cloud9 Babes! 

My name is Ann and I’m the owner of Cloud9 Lashes, founded in Sydney Australia. 

I’ve always had an interest in make-up and glamming up during high school and uni and, embarrassingly, have gone through all the YouTube tutorials over the years to get confident in what I’m doing. Trust me, it took me ages to not look like a panda while trying to go for that smokey eye look. 


However, one thing I still struggle with after all these years, was wearing false eyelashes.

It was either not choosing the right ones for my eye-shape, not knowing how to apply it, as well as not feeling comfortable with wearing them during the day. 

Having very short, straight eyelashes (I blame it on the genetics haha), I’ve always envied my friends who had long luscious lashes that would hold up all day with just a curl and one coat of mascara. While I didn’t feel the need to go for crazy voluminous eyelashes everyday, I wanted something like “my lashes but better”.

For the past few years I relied on getting eyelash extensions,

which I thought was the perfect solution to giving my natural eyelashes volume but keeping it natural looking. But there was so much care involved it in (don’t judge me but I would wear swimming goggles while showering to take care of my lash babies), and I would spend heaps of money getting sets and infills done. I would spend so much time on cleaning them every night and would get upset if they fell out too quick. 

During COVID19 lockdowns, it was also impossible to get my eyelash extensions done, and this has made me more frustrated. 

So I decided to try false eyelashes again,

and I was reminded how hard to would be to find something that suited me. 

Natural yet accentuated my eyes. Comfortable and lightweight to wear everyday. I also wanted a thin band to make it look as natural as can be. My lashes but better. 

However, it was difficult for me to find what I was looking for at the drugstores.

And that was how Cloud9 was founded. 

I reached out to suppliers in the beauty industry and was able to find one that hand-crafted lashes with ultra-fine South Korean synthetic silk lashes. With these fine fibres, they’re able to still get them to sit curled up along a thin band to allow for a lightweight experience. 

The cotton material to this band will make the lashes feel comfortable on your eyes, and won’t feel irritated and heavy after a long day of wear. 

Being a synthetic silk, it is also vegan and cruelty free. 

But the best thing was, I was able to get these lashes hand-crafted with BOTH BROWN AND BLACK fibres! This combo added that extra touch of ‘natural’ to emphasis your own lashes. 

With the help of others, I was able to curate a small collection of lashes to suit your every occasion. Want an all-day elegant look? Want that flirty look for a fun night out? This collection will by that perfect finishing touch to any style you desire- while stilling keeping it light and comfortable. 


My goal is to enhance your make-up look with these wispy, elegant lashes while still keeping comfort and light; like being on CLOUD9. I hope you enjoy creating magic with these lashes!