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Cloud9 Lashes AiryLiner is our solution for quick and easy lash application, even for beginners. Zero need for uneven glue or long drying times with our lash adhesive liner.  

Available in black and clear, to either create an eyeliner look or as natural as possible
Vegan formular, cruelty free
Latex free solution to allow no irritation for sensitive eyes 
Strong hold on lashes; can withstand wind, rain, and sweat
Durable adhesion for everyday wear 
Only takes seconds to apply, no need to wait for the glue to dry
Precision tip to create fine lines 
Can be used on all types of strip lashes, no magnets needed 

Ingredients: Aqua, Black Iron Oxide (for Black AiryLiner only), Styrene/Acylates Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum

Customer Reviews

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AiryLiner is great

I highly recommend AiryLiner to anyone who loves wearing falsies. It's affordable, easy to use, and stays on all day. I love it!

good product

love how easy it is to use this product, can't believe I used to use glue that was messy and had to wait for it to get tacky, This is so much easier.

Love this product

Easy to use, and the clear one makes things look way more natural. Will get another one to put in my bag so I can it with me everywhere.

Jane Wong
Love this product

Wanted to try this product when I saw it on Instagram. Held my lashes on for most of the day and my eyelids didn't feel irritated or anything.
Would recommend the black AiryLiner as I also used it as a winged liner and it still looks super good!

Tina Tran
My lashes are so much easier to put on!

For context, I'm someone that doesn't wear lashes much, because I've always found them hard to put on my eyes - they don't sit following the natural curve of my eyes, even using those glues from Mecca and Sephora that people say you should buy. I've found cloud9 Lashes to be easier to wear, and so I bought this Airyliner in Black to see if it would help me apply these lashes even easier. I did my usual wing linger, and found that the lashes are finally sitting a lot easier along where I want them to sit on my eyes! You don't need to wait for them to turn clear like those white glues, and when you place them on, the adhesive works instantly. The fine black felt tip is also the type of liner I usually use, so it was easy to apply and get the type of line and thickness I wanted, while making it easier for me to use my tweezers or fingers to get the lashes to sit where I wanted.

Highly recommend!

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