clear blue skies


Our clear blue skies lashes are a great subtle look for everyday wear with cloud-like comfort. Combining both black and brown individual lashes and a natural elegant curl, this will create a dainty of look of "my lashes but better"


Ultra-fine silk fibre
Hair length (shortest to longest): 5mm to 11mm 
Band length: 35mm
Thin cotton band 
Cruelty-free and vegan
Up to 20 times wear with proper care 
*Lash adhesive not included 

cloud9 lashes are hand-made to your perfection. Individually made with 100% South Korean silk synthetic fibres on a thin cotton band, this allows us to bring you soft, fluffy lashes that feel comfortable on the skin for any occasion. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steph H.
fave lashes

I don't usually wear lashes but I wanted something that would look super cute for occasions and not too crazy, these lashes do just that.

Ivy Kol
Perfect for events!

I love these lashes because they're so long but look so natural! The mixed fibre colours are game changing! Just by applying lashes, it elevated my look so much.

Great pair to wear everyday!

I rarely wear false lashes because I've always found them to be clunky and sometimes heavy on my eyelids. Clear Blue Skies changed my mind! They're so wispy, and it's the first time I've seen lashes that have both brown and black - this is big for me because my natural hair colour is dark brown, so I liked the mixed lash colours to give it a more natural look. I love that you can see the individual lashes from a fair distance too. I also wear glasses, and these are very comfortable wearing with glasses!

Super comfy!

Was never a fan of falsies as they've never felt comfortable to wear but these felt like nothing.
I like that they're very fine and subtle.

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